J.C. Diesel : General Servicing :

J.C. DIESEL : Narellan
J.C. DIESEL : Narellan

Did you know that JC Diesel offers a handbook service carried out by the book, conforming to the factory specifications. This will protect your new vehicle warranty and keep your vehicle running at its best.

General servicing of Trucks, 4WD's and passenger vehicles as follows:

  • Handbook Servicing
  • Routine maintenance
  • Trip Preparation (usually carried out on 4WD vehicles before any trip)
  • Lubrication Service
  • General Tune-ups
  • Brake Servicing
  • Brake repairs
  • Brake Caliper Overhaul
  • Brake machining (in house of any vehicle from Mini too Mack!)
J.C. DIESEL : Narellan

J.C. DIESEL : Narellan